EDI Gateway Testing
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Welcome To Carelon Behavioral Health EDI

Welcome to the EDI Gateway. This secure application is for a health care provider, business associate or vendor who established a trading partner relationship with Carelon Behavioral Health to conduct electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions. Utilizing the EDI Gateway you will be able to:
  • Upload EDI files
  • Check the status of your file
  • Download responses and reports

EFT begins on September 22, 2011 for providers in CA, FL, MA, NY, RI, and WI. 835 files dated AFTER 9/22/11 are available at www.payspanhealth.com, but will no longer be accessible on Carelon Behavioral Health's EDI Gateway. Register for EFT and to access 835s by calling the PaySpan Health Provider Hotline at 877.331.7154. 835s for payments BEFORE 9/22/11 and for Touchstone claims with dates of service before 10/1/10 only, will remain on Carelon Behavioral Health's EDI Gateway

This site is for TESTING data only.
For production files, please visit our production site at https://bhsedi.carelonbehavioralhealth.com.